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All Properties that are for auction can be found on our Properties for Auction page. It includes the property information and other specific details related to that particular property. 

You will need the individual Property's Identifying Number in order to place a bid on this page.
That number will be on the individual's Properties for Auctions page.

How Online Bidding works:
(1) Find the property you wish to bid located on our Properties for Auction page.
(2) Obtain the Individual Property Number associated with the property you wish to bid. 
(3) Register to become a bidder to receive your Buyer's Number.
(4) Download and Submit the Terms and Conditions to us via email prior to bidding.
(5) Fill out the Online Auction Bidding form below with your current bid and/or maximum bid. 
(6) We will receive your information and will update the individual auction with the highest current bid. 
(7) The highest bidder wins the auction when the bidding ends. - Congratulations! 

What to Expect If You Are The Winning Bidder:
(1) Jones Realty & Auction Company, Inc. will contact you shortly after the end of the auction in which verification of the name(s) to be entered on the contract as Purchaser and on the Deed.
(2) After verification, Jones Realty & Auction Company, Inc will e-mail you the completed Contract Package. The e-mail will include directions for returning the signed documents and sending the Earnest Money deposit.
(3) All documents and earnest money must be returned/delivered within 24 hours after winning the auction.
(4) Upon receipt of all documents, our office will forward the Contract Package to the Seller for signature.
(5) You will be responsible for having the closing attorney of your choice schedule the closing for the property in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
(6) Prior to the closing, the attorney will supply you with a copy of the preliminary HUD settlement statement showing the accounting of the transaction and any remaining funds that you will need to bring to closing.

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Online Auction Bidding

You must register before bidding. A Buyer's Number is required. Please visit to obtain a Buyer's Number. Questions: Call or email Jones Realty & Auction Company, Inc. (912) 685-5045 or {{Maximum Bid is confidential and will not reflect the current bid price}}

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